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Founded in 2012, The Dental Organizational Management Association of Canada is a unique education and corporate training firm dedicated to working with suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and contributors to the Canadian Dental Industry. We help organizations understand Canada’s unique business mechanics, policy, guidelines and most importantly our market. To learn more about how we can help your organization, please visit our courses section.

The Market

Canadian society is rapidly growing and shifting: most notably its diverse cultural expansion. With this being said, understanding the new market place, its cultural sensitivity and intricacies are key. Creating stronger workforces are at the core of what we, at DomaCAN strive to produce while educating on Inclusion, Diversity and Equity for all.

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Why DomaCAN?


Products and services to work
more effectively and efficiently

News on the latest technology
and workplace trends

Tips on dental industry
best practices


Practical advice on
managing and leading

Profitability advice from
respected sources across
North America

Networking, sharing and
learning member to member

Courses and Workshops


DomaCAN Courses

  • Inclusion and Diversity

  • New Market

  • Customer Service

  • Team Environment

  • Sustainable Growth

  • Executive Leadership

  • Business Management


DomaCAN Workshops

  • Women in Leadership

  • LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Belonging

  • Accessibility Awareness

  • Collaborative Leadership

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Team Leadership

  • Candidacy Selection

  • Managing Human Capital

  • Visible Minority Inclusion and Equity

  • Aboriginal Cultural Sensitivies

  • Front Line Customer Service

  • Team Work

  • Work Life Balance

  • Time Efficiency Management

  • Stress Management



Upcoming Events

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Annual Event

Each year, DomaCAN hosts an exciting annual conference. Our first annual conference in 2012 had attendees from Nova Scotia to British Columbia and very many places in-between. Our annual conference provides you with a fantastic opportunity to network and learn with other members in an ideal education and networking environment. 

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Platium Founding Partner

Only global dental distributor to general practitioners, specialists, schools and laboratories Key focus on dental specialties: Implants, Orthodontics, and Endodontics Growth Opportunities: Geographic expansion Acceleration of high-technology solutions Continued focus on large group practices Digitalization of prosthetic solutions Greater penetration of specialty markets.

Corporate Partners

Created for dentistry and loved by patients, EasyMarkit is automated software that fits to every unique practice. Our goal at EasyMarkit isn’t just to provide software: it’s to listen to and collaborate with dental offices and their patients, to deliver real solutions that work for them.

ClearDent’s advanced dental software has helped over one thousand dental practices in Canada go paperless and run their business more efficiently. Our unified dental practice management software combines robust features with an intuitive interface that helps streamline and simplify processes for dentists and office managers.

TDLC is home to several prestigious dental organizations. In addition, to being proud to host and organize a combination of lectures, workshops and teaching instructions, as well as hands-on typodont and phantom-head exercises that together provide the best learning and memorable experiences possible.



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