Executive Directors’ Message


In today's world, dentists have to be savvy business men and women as well as excellent clinicians. Running a successful and profitable dental practice has become more time consuming and definitely more complex each year.

The list seems endless: hiring the right team members, ever-changing human resource issues, complex government/provincial/dental regulations, training new team members, marketing your practice in a competitive marketplace, meeting patients needs and expectations, mastering new technology, attracting new patients and keeping the schedule full!

Each year, DOMACAN strives to bring the best and most relevant speakers to our Annual Conference as well as providing our members with networking, resources and educational opportunities all year long.

Domacan has been created to provide resources, insights and fresh ideas to help dentists and their teams build a successful dental practice. After many decades in dentistry, I've learned it takes an entire team to take your practice to the next level. Domacan has something for everyone on your dental team. I invite you to become a member and sign up your entire team and start networking with others across Canada.

We understand the challenges of Canadian dental offices today and we are here to provide the solutions. We have a panel of professionals waiting for your questions or concerns. Send us your challenges and we will send you the answers so members all learn together.


Roxanne Moulden

Founder and Executive Director, DOMACAN

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