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2015 Speaker Comment: Lisa Philp

2015 Speaker Comment: Sara Paone

2015 Speaker Comment: Larry Guzzardo

2015 Vendor Testimonial: Karen Bradbury

2015 Vendor Testimonial: Frances Biernacki

2015 Particpant Testimonial: Peter Barry

2015 Particpant Testimonial: Ashley Widlak

2015 Vendor Testimonial: Ian McMahon

2015 Speaker Comment: Jo Ann-Jones

2015 Speaker Comment: Ann Gomez

2015 Speaker Comment: Lauren McFarlane

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An Interview with Lauren McFarlane, President of Act First Safety
Dental Practice Safety is a division of Act First Safety, occupational health and safety professionals since 2003. Dental professionals are increasingly required to ensure they are providing safe workplaces, and in 2012 Dental Practice Safety was formed to meet the specific health and safety needs of dental practices and the related fields of dentistry.

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