Dr. Ron Goodlin



The Oral Systemic Connection – Creating health and wellness strategies for your patients.

What makes you stand out? Dentistry has changed and our patients are looking for more. Wellness is the new watchword, and while Dental practitioners have always understood that there is a medical-dental connection we have rarely focused our attention to the reality of how Dentistry, and the all important home care, truly impacts the wellness of our patients. This program will educate the Dental team to not only be able to understand the true impact of overall health from dental conditions, but to understand how to recognize the medical conditions with oral ramifications, and how to create protocol strategies for your patients while making your team stand out as a necessary part of your patients’ wellness scheme.

Join Dr. Ron Goodlin, for a symposium on “The Oral Systemic Connection, creating health and wellness strategies” to boost your practice and provide your patients with the added value they are looking for.