Peter Barry

Peter Barry C.M.C., R.R.D.H.

Transformational Trainer & Strategic Enhancement Coach

Speaker Bio

For more than 15 years, Peter Barry has empowered dental professionals with a unique coaching support process for extraordinary growth, higher income, and exceptional quality of life. He is the founder of “Practice Mastery” a boutique Business, Clinical and Life Skills Coaching company that serves the growth & development needs of your practice. He provides customized group and one on one “Success Coaching” to Dental professionals across N. America.

Leadership is a Team Sport

“The Chemistry of a Championship Team”
This fresh and exciting program will walk your entire team through step by step strategies for developing and empowering the leader in every one of your dental team members. It is filled with revealing concepts and practical strategies that will enable your office to develop a culture of shared leadership; where everyone plays with team goals in mind and feels connected valued & empowered to succeed. We will explore how to use “The Game of Dentistry” practice development model to get day to day things done with less effort & greater commitment from patients. Discover how each one of you contributes to the spark that ignites the chemistry of your championship team. It’s not about your title; it’s about the way we align strategically (in our individual roles) to play as one functional unit that is achieving one collective result. “Better Patient Care” in an enjoyable inspiring environment!


What You Will Learn

  1. Create a happy work environment where people contribute passionately while feeling united, valued & empowered to succeed.
  2. Discover the differences between leadership vs. management and equipping people vs. developing them.
  3. Crystallize values & ideals for positive day to day communication & collaboration between all team members.
  4. How to strategically flow each patient through your practice; delivering a seamless organized experience that inspires action & exceeds expectations.
  5. Bring out your teams “creativity & passion” when problem-solving & planning initiatives.
  6. Practice management tips to strengthen…value creation, case presentations, financial discussions and minimize insurance dependency.
  7. What is an Oral Health Coach? Our emerging 21century role! Become a person of higher influence in the eyes of your patients.